CLR Power Plumber Pressurized Drain Opener

CLR® Power Plumber® Pressurized Drain Opener. Safely blasts clogs! Unclogs drains in seconds. Environmentally safe. Non-toxic. No harsh acids, additives or Iyes. Use on all sinks, shower & tub drains and toilets. No CFCs- Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. Universal kit. Contains: 4.5 oz. Power Plumber® can, 2-way universal adapter and extension handle. Up to 15 applications. Women™ owned. CLR® Power Plumber® Pressurized Drain Opener clears clogged or sluggish drains in seconds without the use of harsh chemicals. acids or lye. Power Plumber® is safe to use on all sound plumbing and works on almost any clog including hair, grease and soap build-up. Use monthly to keep pipes free flowing and to prevent obstructions! CLR® Power Plumber® included in universal kit: Extension handle for toilet and urinals, Power Plumber® 4.5 oz. can, plastic cap and 2-way universal adapter. Money back guarantee: CLR® Power Plumber® is guaranteed to perform to your complete satisfaction or return to place of purchase with receipt for a full refund of purchase price. For more uses, tips and other further instructions visit Visit