Fiskars Scissors, Ultimate Multi-Purpose, 9 Inch

With bonus sheath. Sharpen scissors. Opens taped boxes. Protects blades. Great for: cardboard; packaging; twine; fabric; light wire. Cuts + more. Titanium blade coating. 3X harder than steel. Take-apart knife. Dishwasher safe. World's No. 1 scissors brand. Lifetime warranty. Comfortable ergonomic handles. Wire cutter. Twine cutter. Bottle opener. Power notch for light rope. Pointed awl tip. Scissors sharpener. Tape cutter. The original orange-handled scissors: Introduced to the world as a quality fabric scissors, this scissors caused quite a stir. Not only was the design radical compared to forged scissors, but also much lighter and more comfortable. The cutting performance was so good it forced many a home seamstress to declare the scissors off limits - the same still holds true today. Made in China.